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  Thanks for a fantastic reunion! (Steve Hickerson)
Posted: 8:26:17 pm on 10/31/2006 Modified: 1:33:52 am on 6/10/2011
Bev, Kathy and Iris! -- Thanks for all your hard work organizing the reunion.  And thanks to all the others who helped. Gotta tell you I had the best time I've had in years.  Amazed at how great everyone looked. I was expecting a bunch of old fogies. -- Listening to everyone relate the tidbits of their lives and experiences the past forty years was a joy. I learned so much more about my classmates and what fine people they are. As others have said, we WERE lucky to grow up when and where we did....and to have the ability to reconnect after all these years and seem to take up where we left off. -- Thanks for the opportunity the reunion provided to reaffirm the admiration and respect I've had for my classmates. Steve
  Re: Thanks for a fantastic reunion! (Kathy Shroff)
Posted: 5:06:46 pm on 11/2/2006 Modified: 1:35:28 am on 6/10/2011
Steve, Thanks for your kind words. My only regret is that I didn't get to visit with you very much. It really was one of our best reunions and I think it's because we really appreciate each other so much. -- Hope it's not too long before we can get together again. Till then, take care. -- Kath
  Re: Thanks for a fantastic reunion! (Guest)
Posted: 9:47:39 pm on 11/9/2006 Modified: 1:36:44 am on 6/10/2011
Dear Steve, -- I was remembering some interesting times from Bell Jr. High when we were at a math demo for (SMSG), you were busy with the piano thing and fly casting, and everyone was going crazy in English with the teacher's dictation for journals. I think Ms. Milton was the one who put us in the Some Math, Some Garbage demo, but I don't really remember. I do remember David's orange and lime green pants. You could always tell where he was in a crowd, and you were always doing funny things. -- I'm sorry I wasn't able to get to the reunion and see you. Keep in touch. -- Margaret Leath --

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