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  new deli downtown Tulsa (SusanG)
Posted: 8:20:39 pm on 8/12/2007 Modified: 1:06:44 am on 6/10/2011
Hi Everyone...Just wanted to invite you downtown to our new deli on Boulder. We have been open since late April.  It's called "the Green's on Boulder" and is located at 419 S. Boulder next to Burkhart Office Supply.  Lots of homemade food, daily specials and of course, DESSERTS!!  Love to have visits from the Rogers classmates.  The phone is 587-0123!  Come see us Monday -Friday 7:30 til 2:00pm. See you soon! -- Susan Pinion Green
  Re: new deli downtown Tulsa (Scott "John" Baker)
Posted: 11:44:49 am on 10/4/2007 Modified: 1:07:49 am on 6/10/2011
Hey! I'm from New York! What the **** does a goddam Gentile know about running a Deli?! -- A lot, I hope! -- Save a corn beef on rye for me! -- Here's much love and a wish for brilliant success! -- Da Bakerman

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