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  Michael Thorne (mwthorne)
Posted: 5:30:14 am on 9/14/2006 Modified: 7:06:15 pm on 9/26/2006
I marvel at the accomplishments and experiences of many of my WRHS classmates. Thank you for sharing what has happened over the last 40 years. <BR><BR>About two months before high school graduation something life transforming happened to me. My interests, desires, and even vocabulary changed from previous years. I had experienced a genuine spiritual awakening that catapulted me into a deep desire to know and serve God. This was a gigantic change for a guy who was bashful, introverted, and fearful of public speaking. I am proof that God is able to take anyone He wishes and make them useable in His service. <BR><BR>While attending a university in South Carolina, I met a gifted and extraordinary young woman. Gloria and I have now been married for 36 years, and have six children, three boys and three girls, ranging in ages from 13 to 33. My dear wife has faithfully home educated our precious children since 1982: we have graduated four from high school with two more to go. Three of our children are married and have given us 10 grandchildren. We are a close family and enjoy being together.<BR><BR>For several years I was bi-vocational. My heart’s delight was pastoring and teaching God’s Word. To help supply the income needed for our growing family, God also gave me a job at Boeing Aircraft. Since programming languages are similar to Algebra (which I enjoyed), I computerized many Industrial Engineering disciplines, and developed management visibility and performance reporting systems for the Operations division of Boeing Wichita. During that time I also had a goal of completing a doctorate by age forty. Somehow, while pastoring, working at Boeing, and helping train our growing family, I also earned the Master of Divinity and then the Doctor of Theology degrees.<BR><BR>Since 1989 we have been full time in the pastoral ministry and have been given an amazing opportunity in life to lead people into close meaningful relationships with God, to strengthen their lives and families, and to experience spiritual enrichment through growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ. <BR><BR>I am looking forward to visiting with many of you soon.<BR><BR><BR>
  Re: Michael Thorne (Scott John Baker)
Posted: 10:12:47 pm on 9/15/2006 Modified: Never
Your story is truly a blessing to read. I'm praising Our Lord Jesus Christ for your beautiful message that God can take anyone and work His will through them. You are positive proof of John 10:10! You have life in all of its abundance! Keep the faith! Keep the vision! <BR><BR>Hope to see you in October.<BR><BR>Scott John Baker

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