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  Bio Update - Tony Bacher (tonybacher)
Posted: 10:28:39 am on 6/10/2011 Modified: 11:05:06 am on 6/10/2011
A lot of things have happened since our 40th, most of them very good. My son Brian, energy trader, has moved back to Tulsa with his wife Amanda, children Gavin and Cole. My oldest son Mike and his wife Julia (who is responsible for fixing this website and Message Board) continues to work with me (actually I think I work for him). They have a daughter Georgia and Austin (2). My daughter, Andrea, is a pharmacist in Buckner North Carolina, home of Bernie Madoff's prison. Her husband, Sam is a resident in radiology at Duke University. TulsaConnect is doing well and expanding to another data center in east Tulsa. I hope to retire in a couple of years. I am heading to Cabo San Lucas on June 11 and will be there for a week. Hope a lot of you continue to utilize this Message Board. It will be October before we know it.

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