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Posted: 8:12:32 am on 9/12/2011 Modified: Never
June 1966: I expected to go to a “fashion institute” in Dallas until my Dad figured out I would probably just screw around…so at the last minute I took the ACT and entered Tulsa U., Speech-Theatre major (thank you Doris Niles). Met my husband Richard via my brothers’ frat…left TU early to marry. Lived in 
Washington, D.C, he was attorney for Dept.Agriculture; I worked at AMER. RED CROSS Headquarters (ran into Don Orchard on the elevator, and we both exclaimed “what are YOU doing here?). Then 1973, moved to Hot Springs, AR, he was attorney for Weyerhaeuser; I worked Statistics and other odd jobs. Then, 1975, back to Tulsa where he became attorney for Tulsa Airport. Politics took airport away after 28 years and now his practice is corporate, and personal law. In Tulsa I have mostly mothered children; but also managed a jewelry store; regretted not getting a college degree, so went to O.U. and got a OK.Nursing Home Administrator License(never used it), served on Volunteer boards, like Pres of Tulsa Philharmonic, and National Philharmonic, worked in office for interior designers, and as sales to designers at a local lighting store. Just before leaving ARK. We lost our first born, a son, in a full term stillborn situation, but God blessed us 16 months later with Adriane now 34, a lawyer, and mother, with husband Donivan Bradshaw (IBM) parent my two grandchildren ages 5&4. Anna was born 4.5 years after Adriane, and is a financial administrator in the thoroughbred horse racing business in Lexington, KY. At this time I, am pleasantly unemployed!

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