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Posted: 8:14:25 am on 9/12/2011 Modified: 8:15:46 am on 9/12/2011
Okay here goes my life in 100 words or less.<BR>66-67 Went to OU ,pledged soroity, drank beer, smoked cigarettes and made crummy grades.<BR>68-70 worked several jobs.<BR>70 - went to work for Bankamericard at lst National - Tulsa - loved it.<BR>72- Married Tom Niceley (the middle Niceley brother and 2 years my junior) & moved to Moore for Tom to finish school at OU. went to work at Liberty Bank in OKC - loved it.<BR>74 Tom graduated and we stayed in Moore cause of his job with Kraft.<BR>75 Lisa was born -(note she was the assistant editor of the yearbook in 1993 at Broken Arrow and Barbara Clark was her advisor - full circle)<BR>77-Jeff was born and I changed jobs to Citicorp, buying dealer paper.<BR>80 - Citicorp transferred me to Tulsa and Tom changed jobs and we moved to Broken Arrow. During that time I worked for a short time with Gayle Jacobs, but I can't remember her married name.<BR>82 Quit Citicorp because the kids didn't know me - too many hours. Went to work for a builder - Charles Sanders - and I am still there. Lots of PTA, soccer, dancing lessons, wrestling tournaments and great friends and family<BR>93 Tom had an accident - resulted in Traumatic Brain Injury- 72 days in hospital, then rehab and lots of frustation and hard work for him. Changed his personality - I really liked the guy that I was married to for the first 21 years the best, but this Tom is good too<BR>2002 Mom passed away (Dad died in 91 of cancer). My brother Alan, took two of his grandsons to raise. Since he was alone, Tom & I have played grandparents to them. We also have awesome great nieces and nephews.<BR>2009 We took our kids, our nieces and nephew and the greats to Disney World. The trip of a lifetime - 24 of us.<BR>Today - Lisa is married and is an instructor at Clary Sage College. No children yet. Jeff is not married but has a very sweet girlfriend. He is the manager of the clubhouse at Oaks Country Club. We are happy - have a pontoon at Grand and we fish a lot.

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