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Posted: 8:22:48 am on 9/12/2011 Modified: 8:23:28 am on 9/12/2011
I attended the University of Tulsa, majoring in Journalism and Education and during that time worked in the newsroom at Channel 6. Jay and I met at TU and were married in 1970. I taught journalism, yearbook and newspaper at Owasso High School before moving to Phoenix in 1971 where Jay served as an Air Force instructor pilot and I worked for Arizona State University. Our son, Jason, was born there. (He and his family live in Little Rock, where he is a college professor and music producer.) We moved back to Tulsa in 1976 and added to our family (Joy and family live in Ocala, FL. She is a social worker, but for now stays home while her husband teaches. Jennifer taught ESL in Los Angeles but is herding her three under 5 while her husband does documentary films.) <BR><BR>We lived in Shreveport from 1987-1992, then returned "home" to Tulsa. I stayed home for a number of years before becoming Communications Directory of Asbury United Methodist Church, working their for 15 years. Three years ago I became managing editor of Mia Magazine, a regional magazine by, for, and about women, and this past summer I joined Jay in his retirement. <BR><BR>Our time is spent being bi-coastal grandparents to our 8 grandchildren, ages 8 and under. We love to camp (yes, in a camper like a couple of old farts) and enjoy leisure bike riding. <BR><BR>So proud to have been a Roper

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