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Posted: 8:26:13 am on 9/12/2011 Modified: 12:45:40 pm on 9/12/2011
What have done in the last 45 years----------not what I had planned while I was in High School. Iíd planned on going to OSU and becoming a teacher. But as the saying goes life is full of surprises. I met my future husband, Sid Burcham, the summer before my senior year. I knew the instant our hands touched that he was the one for me. Of course it took him a little longer. He was a sop****re at OSU where he was on the basketball team. Well I was all set to go to OSU when I found out he lost his scholarship. He was one of those people who went to college to play basketball. He really didnít care much for the classroom. So he accepted a basketball scholar ship to Panhandle A & M out in Goodwell Ok. (10 miles west of Guymon). Back then it was a 6 hour trip by car. So we did the most logical thing to us and got married. I had never really cared for basketball, my love was football. So I had a lot of learning to do as a basketball wife. Basketball comes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. My son also played basketball. I think Iíve been in every sweaty smelly gym in Tulsa and the outlying areas. <BR> <BR>I found out after one semester, college really wasnít in the cards for me. Thatís when I started my banking career that lasted for 25 years.<BR> <BR>I had planned on going back to school in 1992 going for a degree in Accounting. Iíd taken classes here and there and since the children were now on their own, this seemed a good time, but alas it was not meant to be.<BR> <BR>In August of 1992, Sid was diagnosed with kidney cancer and the love of my life passed away in July of 1993 after a courageous battle with the cancer.<BR> <BR>I left banking in 1995 and worked at First Data in the Accounting Department for 9 years and the last 6 years Iíve been employed in Accounting. I started with Deloitte Touche then our division was sold to Convergys, then sold again to Sutherlandglobal Services. I still have a job that I absolutely love. I have no plans to retire and hope I can work as long as my health permits. <BR> <BR>I have two great children, Sidney III and Stacy and 3 grandchildren. Sidney lives in Wichita with his wife Stephanie and my three grandchildren Kolby, Alexandra, and Regan. Kolby got married in May so I have a new granddaughter in law Emily. Sidney has his own lawn care business in Wichita. This is the child who couldnít mow our yard because of his ďhay fever.Ē He puts out a monthly news letter and his writing amazes me. Stacy lives here in Tulsa with her husband Mike. She teaches kindergarten and first grade for Union Public Schools. She just passed her National Board Certification and is now getting ready to go for her Masters. My children have been my greatest achievement. I was very lucky.They were great kids and now they are great adults.<BR> <BR>In my spare time I love to garden and I take care of my yard. Iíve also taken up quilt making so this keeps me pretty busy.

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