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  Ron Crow (JanW)
Posted: 12:44:43 pm on 9/12/2011 Modified: Never
Ronnie Crow<BR>After Rogers I went to Tulsa University, journalism major. After first semester I changed majors to pre-med. After graduation I went to medical school (D.O.) in Kansas City, Mo. and then into the USAF (payback for them sponsoring me in med school). I did one year of Family Practice Residency, then switched to Internal Medicine, and completed a three year residency, all training at USAF Medical Centers (Wright-Patterson, Dayton, Oh./Keesler, Biloxi, Ms. respectively). I then served another 5 years as payback for my training, all at Little Rock AFB, which is how I ended up in Arkansas (couldn't believe it when they told me they were sending me to Arkansas; figured that was the end of the earth). I got out of the USAF in 1983, and did solo private practice of Internal Medicine for 15 years in a beautiful location in north central Arkansas (Mountain Home). The practice of medicine is a noble calling, intellectually challenging and punctuated with some very gratifying rewards when you help people, sometimes dramatically. But it can also be a cruel mistress that can drain one's energy from long hours, stressful days and involvement in unpredictable tragedies. Due to my personality of always striving for excellence and a committment to be there for my patients when needed, my practice ended up controlling me rather than vice-versa. Enter serendipity: in 1999 I was recruited for my specialty to be a medical consultant for the Social Security Administration. I now review the medical records of [Arkansas] applicants for SS disability, and I make the decision as to whether or not they receive disability benefits. Much less stress than private practice and I now have time to have a life.<BR> <BR>I have a daughter, Nikole, who is 35 and is an attorney in Atlanta, mother of my one year-old old grandson. I have a son, Dax, who is 32, a welder and lives in Little Rock, with his wife and my 3 y.o. granddaughter. Always wondered why my patients were trying to show me photos of grandkids, now I know! I'm divorced and live in Little Rock. I've dated a wonderful lady, Viki, for 13 months and have never been happier. <BR>
  Ron Crow (jamesmbaker)
Posted: 3:38:01 am on 9/13/2011 Modified: Never
Hi Ron, nice to see what happened to you after we parted ways in AFROTC at the University of Tulsa. I hope you will be attending the 45th Reunion and look forward to seeing you there and talking about old times. Best regards, James Baker

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