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  Judy Carnes Hull (JanW)
Posted: 11:31:33 am on 9/13/2011 Modified: Never
<BR>So, what have I been doing since graduation 1966. After college, first "big" job was as a landman's secretary for Amerada Oil Company-Tulsa, before it was merged to Amerada-Hess...yes, I was there for the big change and it really opened my eyes to corporate dealings. Met my wonderful husband there. Larry graduated from WRHS in 1959, so it's been fun that we share our love for our high school. We started our life together with a new home in Tulsa.<BR><BR>First daughter born in 1971..such a joy! When she was 9 months old I started working on the U.S.Senate campaign for Dewey Bartlett and found my niche. I worked on his Senate staff for 7 seven years. Then second daughter was born in #2. <BR><BR>My next employment adventure was Metro Christian Academy where I was Development Director. Then politics came calling again and I launched my own public relations/campaign company and worked with Henry Bellmon, Jim Inhofe, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and the Bushes and well as several Tulsa Mayors...loads of fun.<BR><BR>Then my husband decided he wanted to live in Texas. He had been there on an assignment and decided it was the place for us. So, after two years of trying to decide what to do...and to allow for our oldest to graduate from Edison and settle in at OSU, we moved to Dallas. We've been in Texas for 20 years now and love it...but Tulsa will always be home.<BR><BR>We own a commercial construction company designing and constructing facilities throughout the State of Texas, specializing in financial institutions, health centers, shopping centers, churches, etc.<BR><BR>We live in a small ranching community named China Spring, a suburb of Waco, and love it. We are blessed that both our daughters moved to Texas and have worked for us for several years. Melissa married her high school sweetheart and they have blessed us with two grandsons, 12 and 4, and Leslie married a local boy. We are blessed that our son-in-laws love us and that our family is so close.<BR><BR>Besides my responsibilities with our company, I'm also the chairman of our school system's Education Foundation. I've been able to employ my campaign experience to developing a successful entity that supports our school district of China Spring.

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