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  Ronald (Ronnie) Oliver (Ronald)
Posted: 7:52:58 am on 9/15/2011 Modified: Never
As a bio, I have posted a vita on my website: It notes that for several years I was a researcher and writer at the U. of So. Dakota, Washington State University, and briefly with the School of Continuing Ed at OU. I either wrote or co-wrote around 30 professional articles in the field of counseling and counselor education. Also, I co-wrote two books on bullying prevention with John Hoover entitled The Bullying Prevention Handbook: A Guide for Principals, Teachers, and Counselors, 1996 & 2008, Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press ( as well as a self help book called Paths of Freedom: A New Vision of Psychotherapy and the Cultivation of the Human Spirit, 2002, Phanes Press. I have lived in Cali, Colombia for the past 7 years, am married to Dr. Gloria Ines Palma and have worked at a violence prevention institute here in Cali at Universidad del Valle, I have one son, Abe, and a grand daughter, Avery Raeann, who both live in Edmond. My email address is

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