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Posted: 7:54:21 am on 9/28/2011 Modified: Never
Five years have passed since I last did wacky, bizarre things at out 40th Reunion. Much blood too! I say that, since I’m a major blood and platelet Donor! It’s a much needed thing, so donate when and where you can! You will help save a life! The movie about my life on Broadway, on Film and in the Magic/Sideshow World, BALLY MASTER, won the top prize at eight major film festivals. It even played the Circle Cinema in Tulsa! The filmmaker, Gary Beeber, did a satellite interview from New York. In the Question and Answer session from the Audience, somebody asked, “What is Scott Baker REALLY like?” And from Tulsa! If there had only been a Roper there to tell them! I was doing a show that night, so I couldn’t attend! You can check out the BALLY MASTER Trailer on You Tube, for a cheap thrill! Since 2008, I have performed, in one form or another, my one-man show BANG! THE CURSE OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH. Off- Broadway and at theatre festivals around New York, developed at The Drilling Company, the Theatre Company where I have created twenty roles in new plays and had ten of my own, original plays produced. Through verse, magic, song and standup comedy, I explore the increasingly popular notion that John Wilkes Booth was not captured and killed by federal troops in Garret’s burning barn, but was ferreted away by the strange, militant branch of Scottish Rite Freemasonry behind Lincoln’s assassination and lived for many years under assumed identities in Texas, committing suicide in Enid, Oklahoma, in 1903! One actor! Thirty roles! One twisted evening in the Theatre! Over 40 books by people who knew Booth in the years after the assassination and countless newspaper articles provided hours of fascinating research, absolutely shocking and grandly theatrical! You can see the first fifteen minutes, in which Booth dress rehearses the assassination that afternoon at Ford’s Theatre, written in iambic pentameter, on You Tube. Booth’s Diary gives many details about this dress rehearsal! Hey! An actor prepares! Booth’s mummy was even displayed for many years in Carnival Sideshows! Regarding Sideshows, in 2009 the British World Book of Records named me “World’s Greatest Sideshow Performer” as well as “World’s Greatest Sideshow Talker” when I established the World’s Record for continuous, nonstop Sideshow Bally performance. That’s the show outside the venue that gets the crowd to come in. I enacted 150 continuous, nonstop Bally performances in 6 hours and 43 minutes, all the while performing “Human Blockhead” ramming an eight-inch screwdriver into my skull. For a year, I traveled with other British World Record Holder’s Live doing bizarre Sideshow events. On Coney Island, each Summer I do the outside show, emcee and do acts in the inside show and on Saturday nights, host the Film Festival. This gives me a chance to explore my knowledge of movie trivia. Speaking of movies, I continue to work in film, and frequently do voice-overs. I even provide voices for video games! Most fun thing I did on Television in the last five years was to play Steven Foore, “New York’s Sleaziest Private Investigator” on LAW AND ORDER SVU. Biggest disappointment was having to turn down, due to health issues, a really cool role in a movie opposite Sacha Baron Cohen. I guess the world wasn’t ready for the comedy team of Borat and Baker! I was also the subject of the National Geographic Channel’s HUMANLY IMPOSSSIBLE, in which I demonstrated the wonders of eating glass light bulbs as medical experts examined and photographed me internally! Don’t try it at home, kids. I spend much time in the figure skating world, working weekly with my coach and choreographers for ice reviews around the New York area. I frequently emcee these shows, and do my magic act on ice, a figure skating novelty act. For fun on Facebook, check out the picture of me partnering, on the ice, Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiull! I fully expected to attend the 45th Reunion, but was suddenly offered a role in a show I couldn’t turn down. This Roper will miss you dearly. As our Class Motto, “Youth, Hold Fast to Your Dreams,” becomes, for some of us, “Check another one off your Bucket List,” I remember that you’re never too old to dream, create or set new goals. As Paul said to Timothy, “Stir up that gift within you!”<BR>Keep stirring, keep dreaming and be sure to have a great reunion!<BR><BR>John “Scott” Baker<BR>

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