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  Doug and Nita Forrest Folger (JanW)
Posted: 8:49:53 pm on 10/9/2011 Modified: Never
WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO, LO, THESE MANY YEARS~ (from Nita)<BR> <BR>After graduating from WRHS, I spent the next 2 1/2 years at OSU. When Doug and I decided to get married, I then transferred to OU. We married in August of '69, and graduated in '70. With a degree in English Ed., I was hired at Del City HS. There I taught Jr. & Sr. English and was the YEARBOOK <img src="emoticons/icon_exclaim.gif"> sponsor for 4 years, while Doug was in Medical School. When I left DCHS, I was expecting our 1st son, Grant, and I never thought I'd ever teach school again. Two years later, Mark was born and I was certain being a Mom of 2 boys was going to be my "calling." For the next few years, I immersed myself in boy stuff, which was all new to me, since I hadn't had any brothers! In 1980, I began working part-time in a great little children's store called "Somebody's Darling." I only worked 2 days a week, but it was so much fun...I even had some of my former DCHS students as customers after they'd had babies. But, working around all that baby stuff sort of rubbed off on me, I let my guard down, and Doug convinced me we really needed a little girl. Bonnie was born in May of '84 to our delight! I was really convinced then that I'd be a stay-at- home mom forever. Our kids were in the OKC public schools and we all loved it, until high school popped up on the horizon. I began to substitute in the system at high schools and middle schools to see what it was really like. As a result the boys entered McGuinness HS and we built a home in Edmond where Mark, and later Bonnie, would graduate from Edmond North. I continued subbing, and, in '92 was hired at Deer Creek HS to teach Jr. and Sr. Eng. and also to be the the Jr.class sponsor! Back in the classroom again!!! I taught there till '96, when I actually did retire from public school teaching. After several months, I was recruited to become a "Standardized Patient" at the OU Med School. I went through an extensive training program to learn how to be a patient with urticaria, or migraine headaches, for instance; and to learn effective interviewing techniques in order to teach 1st & 2nd year students how to become empathic interviewers/physicians. I absolutely loved this program because the students never complained about the subject matter and they were so eager to "do it right!" I continued to be a SP until last summer, when I really did retire! My experience in the Med School gave me such a fabulous insight into Doug's life as a physician and what he had endured, that I'll always be thankful for it. As of Jan. 1, we are both retired, and once we get through this winter, we are going to have some FUN!!! All 3 of our children are married and live in the OKC/Edmond area and, luckily we get to see them often. We have 2 darling grandsons, Mack(7) & Mitchell(5), who really keep us hopping. And, of course, we're hoping for more grandchildren in the future. Grant is the Controller/ Office Mgr. for 3 small energy/exploration companies; Mark is an attorney/litigator for McAfee and Taft;and Bonnie is a 4th grade teacher here in Edmond.<BR>

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