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  Kathy Hydrick Shroff (Kathy)
Posted: 2:46:03 pm on 10/24/2011 Modified: Never
I swear that it doesn't seem like 45 years since we graduated, but then I can't believe my babies are 31 either. After grauduation, I attended OSU for 2 years, then quit (ugh) (my poor daughters had to listen to the "don't quit college lecture their whole childhood") in anticipation of pending marriage. Worked for Dowell for a year, and then married classmate David Shroff. I worked for OSU while he finished his engineering degrees. Upon graduation, he went to work for Gulf Oil and we moved to Pampa, TX. What an experience!! After living in a university town, it was quite a culture shock. We drove into town in our VW Bug, wearing our hippie gear. David said "I think I better get a haircut". David adjusted well to the oil patch, and I loved being a new Mom to our Amy. We were transferred to Casper, WY after 2 1/2 years but only stayed there 6 months. Another big culture shock, but pretty country. We moved back to Tulsa when David got a job with City Service. Glad to be back in good ol' Tulsa. David and I divored after 13 years of marriage, but result of our life together was 4 wonderful children. <BR>After obtaining my Mediical Assistant Certification and then later my Pharmacy Tech Certification, I went to work for Cancer Care Associates in January of 1988. Been there all this time. I've worked in the clinic area, and the treatment room and have been in clinical research as the regulatory coordinator for about 11 years. Love it and can't imagine doing anything else. <BR>I moved back to the Roger's neighborhood about 18 years ago. I decided I'm just a Midtown girl at heart! <BR>My oldest daughter, Amy, graduated from BT Washington, and KU with a degree in social work. She has worked mostly with seniors. She's married to a great guy she met at KU and they have a wonderful daughter, Hannah. Amy and her husband work in the insurance industry. <BR>My younger daughter, Carrie, also graduated from BT Washington, attended TCC and KU, then moved to Durango, CO for a year. She moved back to Tulsa and graduated from NSU with a degree in Elementary Special Education. She also is a certified art teacher. She married a great guy who has his own landscape firm. She worked for Tulsa Public Schools for about 8 years and then had daughter, Edie Lee. She is now a stay home Mom, and also is involved in Tulsa Girls Art Project. In addition, she's involved in craftshows and has recycled paper art in some botiques. I'm so lucky that they all live in town and we spend a lot of time together. My grandgirls are 10 and 2 and are so much fun. Aren't grandkids just be best thing ever? <BR>My twin sons, Mike and Matt, graduated from Rogers. The tradition lives on! Mike works with his Dad and Matt works for Lee's Bicycles, and is also an artist. The boys have had health issues and challenges all their lives, but I'm so proud of the fine young men they have turned out to be. So many kind people along the way. I was terrifed for them to go to "big Rogers", but it turned out to be a great experience for them. They had some special folks watching out for them at Rogers. They are great kids and I thank my lucky stars everyday. <BR>I'm very lucky to still have both my parents and they live near me. They are both 85 and celebrated their 67th wedding anniversay last June. It's so great for us all to be able to spend time together. I can't keep up with my Mom, she's a whirlwind. My Dad has slowed down a lot, but is still as sweet as he ever was. They are so proud to have two great-grands!<BR>I have such fond memories from our high school years! Senior Hall, driving through Boots (still love vanilla Dr. Pepper), our assemblies, football games, Hylanders, and oh yes, our classes too. Beverly Williamson Marquardt is still my best friend. People can't believe we have been close since 7th grade. We have enjoyed working on the reunions and keeping in touch with so many of you. The reunion committee "meetings" are a hoot. We spend so much time talking and laughing that it's amazing that we accomplish anything. But with Iris as our fearless leader, we make it happen. We have been going through lots of old pictures lately, laughing and shedding a few tears. We were so lucky to have grown up when we did. We will miss those of you who can't travel to be with us this time, but know you are there in spirit. Can't wait for the 50th. Bev already has surprises up her sleeve.

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