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  Susan Bailey (susan)
Posted: 5:42:23 pm on 10/26/2011 Modified: Never
I taught for 30 years in Oklahoma. 26 in the Vo-Tech system. Retired at 54, went to Beauty school and learned to be an Esthetician. Also learned massage therapy. But something told me I still had some good years left to teach. Taught in Arkansas where the pay is better for 7 more years. 5 of those years with junior high. Special Education was my calling and I stuck with it all 37 years. Two sons with Bill Prather. Wonderful young men who serve in the Air Guard in Tulsa. Oldest-Spencer is an officer at the base in Tulsa. Aaron works there as well as a crew chief repairing jets. He is currently in Iraq. I am very proud of my sons. One grandson compliments of my husband's son. None from my sons as yet. Just grand-dogs. Retired and living in Monroe, Ok. I sing with a group made up of church choir people from Poteau and the surrounding areas. We call ourselves the Cavanal Chorale. We perform twice a year locally. <BR>We are surrounded by hills and mountains-pretty view from our back deck. I am married to Charles Evans formerly from Owasso. We have three dogs and one cat. All of whom sleep together during cold weather (except for the Schnauzer-who does not get along with anyone)<BR>I am so looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. take care and everyone have a safe trip there and back to your homes. Susan Bailey Evans

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