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  Judy Carnes Hull (judy)
Posted: 5:17:23 pm on 10/27/2011 Modified: Never
Here we are, 45 years oh my, where did the time go so quickly as we look back on our lives.<BR><BR>I'm married to Larry Hull, also a Rogers graduate, class of 1959, and we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary last May. We have two daughters who are married to men we love as our own sons. We have two grandsons, Jacob 13, and Logan 5. We delight in our family and our grandsons are the light of our lives.<BR><BR>We own a commercial construction company that specializes in design work and the actual construction of the buildings. Our areas of expertise are banks, credit unions, churches, but have done numerous and varied commercial construction projects over the years. We build statewide through the State of Texas. I enjoy the sales aspect and the actual design work, including interior design, that each project requires.<BR><BR>I like to volunteer wherever I'm needed and right now I'm enjoying serving as the Chairman of the Chinia Spring ISD Education Foundation. It's a big job, often challenging, always rewarding...and so far successful.<BR><BR>My other interests include oil painting, our horses, our pets,our ranch and any type of design work, i.e., landscaping, rockscapes, etc.<BR><BR>My favorite music ranges from The Eagles and Eric Clapton to Michael Buble', Andre Bocelli, and George Strait to Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Yes, I'll always love music. (Spoken like a true band geek <img src="emoticons/icon_smile.gif">)<BR><BR>One of my favorite quotes is: "Faith is the daring of the soul to go further than it can see". -- Rev. Run<BR><BR>Pages and pages could be written about the last 45 years by all of us, so I'll save the rest until I get to see everyone. It's going to be such a wonderful time for all of us.

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