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  Rick McNeely - bio (Rick McNeely)
Posted: 6:15:05 pm on 9/27/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2>I was VP of Mktg and Sales for an aerospace company and literally traveled the world, mostly the Far East, Australia and New Zealand plus portions of the Middle East......Ugh!! Then GE bought us and I was busted to Director level of North America Sales. I am currently Customer Service Manager for Pratt & Whitney in Springdale Arkansas. I couldn`t take the constant travel anymore and took myself out of the upper Management arena and am much happier, particularly after 9-11. Dianne and I have 6 Grandchildren with another on the way. We have kids in LA and NYC and parts in between. I have been in the Aerospace industry for 25 plus years and am planning on retirement at 62..........can`t wait!! </FONT></font>
  Re: Rick McNeely - bio (Scott John Baker)
Posted: 4:50:40 pm on 10/9/2006 Modified: Never
Rick:<BR><BR>Although it's been a while, I think of you every time I perform a certain section of my show GEEKCIRCUS...The Twisted Shockfest! You might remember how we used to go around imitating the Outside Talker at the Carnival Girlie Show that appeared every year at the Tulsa State Fair! How we loved those trashy carnival strippers and their wonderful pitchman! Remember?<BR><BR>"Ringy! Dingy! Dingy!<BR> Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!<BR> Ringy! Dingy! Dingy!<BR> Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!<BR><BR> This here's little Jodie, who does the Dance of Eleminiation!<BR> You start in applaudin', she starts in Eleminatin'!!!!!!<BR> EVERYTHING SHE'S A-WEARIN'!<BR> The more you applaud, the more ya see!<BR> 'n if yer hands hold out the way they usually do,<BR> She'll give ya a hum-danger of a show!<BR><BR> Here's little Lexie<BR> Who does the Dance of the Gardenia!<BR> Comes out naked as the palm of my hand<BR> Wearin' NOTHIN! but a petal in the East<BR> A petal in the West<BR> And one down South for hospitality!<BR><BR> She starts in a-dancin'!<BR> The petals start to fall!<BR><BR> You'll see the "hole" show!<BR><BR> She'll twitch it!<BR><BR> She'll twatch it!<BR><BR> And y'all git ta watch it!<BR><BR>We don't have any seats in here, guys. You'll watch this show STANDING UP!"<BR><BR>The last time I saw you was in 1967 at The Monkees Concert. Bacher was also in attendance with you.<BR><BR>You magnificent singer, you were always an inspiration and an encouragement! In Ninth grade, you wanted to be in a horror movie that I was destined to write. Let's make it happen!<BR><BR>Much love and wild memories,<BR><BR>Da Bakerman<BR>

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