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Posted: 8:13:13 am on 10/3/2006 Modified: 8:14:45 am on 10/3/2006
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P> I have lived in Houston, Texas since 1975.  Richard and I were married in 1985.   We love to travel, sail, motorcycle and have four Shih-Tzus that have spoiled us rotten.  We also invest in residential properties. <BR> My work has been as a Realtor for over 26 years.  My company specializes in Corporate Relocation finding short and long-term housing for lease and sale.  We also help people from other countries  "settle in" with our service of helping them apply for  Social Security number, bank accounts, driver's license, schools - whatever they need (in reason).   I have worked with people from all over the world from many major companies.  <BR> My three children are:  <BR> Jodi, who lives and works in Austin, Texas for a non-profit organization that helps disabled people.  Her degree is Womens Studies.  She is very active in human and animal rights. <BR> Alisha's degree is in Journalism.  She worked as a professional writer, and marketing  for Land Data until she and her husband John had fraternal twin girls December 24, 2003.  Both of our granddaughters, Darian and Addison, are amazing. John works for Cardinal Health.  John, Alisha and the girls live in Sugarland, Texas. <BR> James has an undergraduate degree in Music Theory; his Master's is in Orchestral Conducting.  He currently teaches in Kingwood, Texas.  Francis, his wife has her Master's in Cello performance.  She teaches at San Jacinto Jr. College, private lessons, and gigs for individuals and area symphonies.  James and Francis are expecting their first baby in March, 2007.  We are thrilled!  <BR></P> <P>After all these years, I am looking forward to seeing you, hearing about your lives, seeing our school, and eating in the cafeteria again!</P> <P>My email address is <A href=""></A> and my phone numbers are </P> <P>713-298-8032 (cell)</P> <P>281-495-5134 (home)<BR></P></FONT></FONT></font>

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