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  Bio - Nancy Mace Bolding (Nancy (Mace) Bolding)
Posted: 3:18:01 pm on 7/18/2006 Modified: 12:14:50 pm on 9/12/2011
I noticed my name in the lost & found. I'm truly not lost. I am living in Indianapolis, IN. Through the years I've been able to complete my doctoral degree and am considered by some as a psychologist. I fool the rest.....laughing. I am divorced and have three grown children and a grandson who was named after my maiden name......Macen. How cool is that? Tony Bacher found me a few years ago and we still communicate through email. He has encouraged me to "be found" here I am. Please don't put me on the dead list. Have a great day.
  Re: Bio - Nancy Mace (evelyn)
Posted: 9:10:08 pm on 10/13/2006 Modified: 12:14:02 pm on 9/12/2011
nancy,,, i was in class with you with mr eubanks for american history... you were one of the prettiest girls and always such awesome clothes. amazing that we are now grandmothers... it is fun reading about everyone.... evely
  Re: Bio - Nancy Mace (nkbolding)
Posted: 10:21:35 am on 9/12/2011 Modified: Never
Thank you so you can see, I hardly ever come to this website. Your words are very kind....

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