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  Boaz Rauchwerger Bio (Boaz)
Posted: 2:50:57 pm on 7/21/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><P>I cannot believe that it has been 40 years since we graduated from Rogers. I guest it just goes to show that we need to appreciate every day and the people that we cherish in our lives.</P> <P>After graduating from the University of Tulsa with a degree in journalism, public relations and advertising, I worked in advertising and public relations in Tulsa until the early 80's. A marriage and two kids later, we moved to San Diego in 1985 as I became a professional speaker for a number of years.</P> <P>Those of you who remember what a difficult time I had getting The American's Creed right when I led it in numerous assemblies would probably be amazed at the fact that I became a professional speaker.</P> <P>I then produced television infomercials along with a medical television show on Lifetime Television for people with diabetes. The second half of the 90's I ran a company in San Diego and, in 2001, I returned to my current work as a professional speaker. </P> <P>I think Ms. Niles would be proud of the fact that I now conduct about 150 seminars each year throughout North American and soon worldwide. Many of my events are for groups of CEOs. I greatly enjoy sharing ideas that people can easily use to change their lives for the better. You can learn more about my work as a speaker, and see a video of me in front of an audience, on my web site:</P> <P>I am booked to speak at several events on the East Coast during the week of our reunion this year. However, I will see if the schedule will allow for a stop in Tulsa during the reunion. It would be very nice to see all of you. </P> <P>My kids are now grown. Adam lives in San Diego and my daughter Reena, who is married, lives in Sun Valley, Idaho. Last year I moved to Newport Coast in the Orange County area. If any of you are ever out this way, please give me a call at 949-387-1004 and I would be very pleased to show you around. I'm 10 minutes from the ocean and the area is beautiful. My cell number is 619-723-3007.</P> <P>Best wishes to everyone.</P> <P>Boaz </P></font>
  Re: Boaz Rauchwerger Bio (Cynthia (Woodward) )
Posted: 1:41:18 pm on 8/6/2006 Modified: Never
Hi, Boaz:<BR><BR>I don't know if you remember me, but I am interested to learn of your career and life. I think we went to a couple of dances together when we were taking ballroom dancing lessons. I remember my mother being impressed with your manners and demeanor.<BR><BR>I have had a full and active life, travelled extensively and handled a huge variety of interesting jobs from geophysical exploration to director of a state agency. I am married and living in Bartlesville<BR>and working as a genealogy librarian and slowing down a bit.<BR><BR>I have one grandbaby in San Jose whom I recently visited. San Diego weather is about ideal, I think. <BR><BR>My e-mail is:

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