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Posted: 10:45:09 pm on 10/8/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2>Like everyone else I can't believe it has been 40 years since we graduated, let's face it we all still look great.  After graduation I attended Northeastern State in Tahlequah and wound up marrying someone that went to the same elementary, junior high and high school as I did but we never knew each other.  Gary and I have been married almost 38 years. We attended his Rogers 40th reunion last year so I did get to see a few of my classmates at his reunion. We moved around a little bit when we were first married (Costa Mesa,CA, Atlanta,GA and Oklahoma City) but Tulsa was always where we wanted to be.  Gary retired from the Tulsa Fire Dept in Feb2005 and is staying busy remodeling our house.  I have worked for Avis Rent A Car for 18 years.  We have two children, Angela is a Register Nurse working for a group of Pediatricians and Dan is a Sand Springs police officer.  We have no grandchildren (as yet) but I am still hopeful. If you would like to contact either myself or Gary, you can reach us at  <A href=""></A><BR></FONT></FONT></font>

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