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Posted: 11:37:27 am on 7/27/2006 Modified: 11:49:54 am on 7/27/2006
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>Hi Folks!</P> <P>After all of these years, I've never attended one of the reunions. So this year, I've decided to go, and I look forward to seeing many of you there.</P> <P>I've kept in touch with Ron Crow--my best friend from WR, all of these years.  He encouraged me to come while we can still remember the good ole days.  I appreciate him putting me in touch with Iris.</P> <P>I have some great memories of growing up in Tulsa and going to Burbank, Bell Jr. High and WR.  It's amazing how you think back to some of the people you grew up with.  I hope many of you will come this time--even if you've never attended before.  </P> <P>Just to bring you up to date with what's been happening to me these past years, I'll start off with my graduation from TU in 1972.  In between my sop****re and junior year, I took time off for basic training in the Army Reserves.</P> <P>I married a girl from Edison and we moved to Edmond.  After 9 years and one son, we divorced and I have never remarried to this date.  I've had some close calls, but it just wasn't right, so maybe the reunion will be a time where I can reacquaint with some lovely lady.</P> <P>I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and worked for Kimberly-Clark and Ethicon--the company that manufactures the surgical staplers and sutures.  I enjoyed working in medical sales, but eventually got into insurance which further led me to a career with Dean Witter as an investment broker for several years.  No, I didn't make millions of dollars, but I enjoyed helping people secure their retirements.</P> <P>I was the custodial parent for my son, Jason, and really enjoyed being a Dad.  Now he is now 32, and has blessed me with three really neat grandchildren and I get to be PaPa to them which is great fun!  That's where I spend most of my leisure time when I'm not working in my yard or going to Sooner football games.</P> <P>I have a nice home in Oklahoma City and have the "funnest" job in the world.  I work as the District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America.  I've almost come full circle.  My work involves fund raising and recruitment and training of volunteer leaders for the Scouts.  My hope is that in some way, I can make a positive impact on the ethics and morals of today's youth.</P> <P>In the meantime. how many people get to wear shorts to work and get paid to go camping during the summer?  Even at age 58, it's still fun!</P> <P>Time sure flies as we get older.  However, I'm looking forward to the next 42 years to see where life takes me.  </P> <P>God willing, I hope it takes me to Tulsa in October to see and visit with many of you fellow Ropers.  I think it will be fun to tour the school. </P> <P>If you want to get in touch with me, my e-mail is</P></FONT></FONT></FONT></font>

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