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  Larry Owsley (admin)
Posted: 9:15:40 am on 10/10/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><P>Itís the last day and thought I better get something written so Bacher will quit sending those nagging emails.  Iíve read most all of the posted Bioís and am really quite proud of the Roper class of 66.  This should be a great reunionócanít wait for the talent show???</P> <P>After graduation, I took off for OSU, and like everyone else, tried to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.  I began singing and performing the minute I hit the doors.  Tony B. and I even started a rock band that played anywhere that we could get in.  We thought we were great until we heard ourselves on tape.  College was great, but life pushed us on.</P> <P>I landed a teaching job in Liberal, KS, of all places-(it paid the most).  I was the music supervisor for the school district and taught vocal music for fourteen years.  </P> <P>I liked to play in the dirt as a young child, so naturally, real estate development came next.  In 1975, while I was still teaching, I started a real estate company-we built and developed all around Southwest Kansas.  I met my wonderful wife Kay in Liberal.  We have been married 28 years and have two great kids, Matt and Lauren.  No grandchildren yet, but looking forward to the day when I can spoil them and then send them home.</P> <P>We moved to Edmond, OK in 1992 where we continued in real estate.  We own a mortgage company and still construct, build and develop in the residential and commercial markets.</P> <P>I still make every attempt to sing as often as possible, and our lives continue to strongly revolve around Church and family.  Life is truly good.</P> <P>Larry Owsley</P> <P>PS:  Iím available the last week of October for liposuction and a double knee replacementóbut I still have all my hair, itís just a different color.<BR></P></font>
  Re: Larry Owsley (ScottJohn Baker)
Posted: 11:55:13 am on 10/10/2006 Modified: Never
Larry:<BR><BR>Nobody ever made me laugh the way you did! It's a miracle I ever got through the Fifth Grade at Kendall, The "Hood" School, since your wackiness always got me into trouble! I had to hide behind<BR>Shirley (Baptist Bazongas) Brazille so Mrs. McDermott wouldn't see my constant laughter. <BR><BR>Watching the tape of the 1986 Reunion, I must say that your vocal technique while leading the National Anthem was flawless.<BR>Academically technical, but flawless. Mrs. Curry from the Cub Scout Chorus would have been proud! <BR><BR>You are one of the people I can't wait to see next week!<BR><BR>I can hardly wait to hear what you do with "America, The Beautiful!!!!!" <BR><BR>I performed Our National Anthem at The New York State Capitol Building for the Governor of New York, but we've had so many since, I can't remember his name. It was the dude before Governor Pataki. I just hope he wasn't a Republican!<BR><BR>See you soon,<BR><BR>Da Bakerman

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