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  Gone to Texas (Paul George)
Posted: 1:12:31 pm on 8/9/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>      Thanks to Iris, Tony, Bev and the others putting this together. It’s a lot of work and I hope they’ll see our appreciation in October. To recapture the moment at the Saturday lunch, some of us should walk up to McDonald’s on 11th Street, and a couple of smaller groups can leave in cars at twice the speed limit for Burger King. I’ll be riding with Joe Baines. </P> <P>      In June following our graduation, I headed to Fort Polk for basic training and was in Vietnam before the next Christmas. I was a radio relay operator and moved throughout what the US military called II and III Corps, or the middle two-thirds of the country. In October ‘67 I was wounded and medevacked to Fort Sill, but recovered enough to finish my three-year enlistment at Fort Hood, somewhat more primitive than Southeast Asia. Got out in June 69 and headed to OSU. Four years later, my BA in political science qualified me as an unskilled laborer at Crain Electric when the Ford glass plant was being built near Broken Arrow. That pushed me to law school at TU, and afterward I worked for Judge Cook in federal court in Tulsa. From 81 to 83 I did a graduate law degree at Columbia, then moved to Texas where I’ve been since. Here I did rural legal aid work for four years (four civil rights cases and about 200 divorces), then worked for a Dallas firm making the world safe for banks and large property companies. In 1990, I joined with some older (yeah, older than us) lawyers who had spent several years on the University of Texas law faculty and we started a new law school in Fort Worth. I’m still teaching full time and practice on the side. </P> <P>      When I first moved to Texas I rented a duplex in Dallas’s M Street area, somewhat like the Thirties vintage brick houses in Tulsa, south of TU between 11th and 15th Streets. In the first few weeks there, I worked on meeting the blonde who lived with her four-year-old daughter two duplexes away. Asking her out would be too easy for her to refuse, so I made up a story that I was trying to form a neighborhood group for some vague purpose. Block party? Crime watch? We now have two more children and a granddaughter, and she’s still waiting for me to get the neighborhood group going. Or clean up the garage. We live in Colleyville just northwest of Dallas. If you come to the Metroplex, call me and I’ll take you to lunch in the Stockyards. Work (817) 212-4120 Home (817) 577-2627 <A href=""><U><FONT color=#0000ff></U></FONT></A> </P></FONT></FONT></font>

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