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  Linda McDaniels Russell (l)
Posted: 10:56:39 am on 8/12/2006 Modified: 10:59:00 am on 8/12/2006
Wow! Have 40 years gone by already? I'm just beginning to get the hang of things. <BR><BR>After WRHS I got a degree in Home Economics (now called Human and Environmental Sciences) from Oklahoma State then married John Russell (celebrating 36 years) and taught school in Marshall, OK for a year and a half while John finished his degree in Metallurgical Engineering. John then landed a job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico where we lived and I taught school for 5 years. After our first daughter (Tiana, 29 living in Little Rock and getting married on September 30) was born we moved to Stillwater where we lived for 12 years. Chad (26, living in Conway, Arkansas, married on July 22 of this year) and Tonya (23, moved to Pacifica, California the day after her brother got married) were born in Stillwater and I did volunteer work (LaLeche League, Natural Food Coop, Girl Scouts, Woman's Missions, Sunday School Teacher) and operated a home daycare.<BR><BR>We moved to Rogers, Arkansas (one of the 6 fastest growing areas of the United States) in 1989 and are still here. I have been the coordinator of HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) with the Rogers Public Schools for 17 years now and still love my job of "empowering parents to be their child's first teacher".<BR><BR>I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in October.<BR>

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