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  Pat Murphy - Musings and Bio (PatrickMurphy)
Posted: 5:20:04 pm on 8/19/2006 Modified: 5:26:59 pm on 8/19/2006
Well, here we are, forty years later. It's like we all got in a time machine and instantly arrived in 2006, and all those forty years of living were just a dream. Fortunately, it wasn't a dream, and most of us are here to contemplate it all with pleasure, pain, regrets, but most of all, I hope, satisfaction got a life well lived.<BR><BR>I look at the list of those of us now deceased and recognize instantly most of the names, but could not put a face on most them without refreshing my memory from the yearbook. They left that building with us forty years ago with all the hopes and dreams we had, only to get them cut short for one reason or another. One day we will be on a similar list and let's hope someone thinks about us one more time with a tear and a smile.<BR><BR>My good childhood friends Sonny Stanfield and Dennis Jolly are there. Last saw Sonny at my wedding at age 20, and lost touch with both soon after. Would like to have known what type of people they became, their interests and adventures. One name not on the list is Bonnie Cacy, sister of Sherry who was in our class. Bonnie was one year behind us and died at the age of 18 in a tragic accident. I was a pallbearer at her funeral.<BR><BR>I think of Bonnie once in awhile and wonder if she would have considered that I lived a good life, or had missed opportunities and too little appreciation for the gift of life. I wish she could have lived her life. I bet it would have been a good one.<BR><BR>I've only been back to Tulsa a few times since graduating from OSU in late 1973, but most recently several weeks ago when I stopped by the house my parents build, and I lived in from about 1955 to 1964. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the family that bought the house in 1964 still living there! Surprising since my wife and I have lived in nine homes in a shorter period thanks to job transfers. There's something to be said for living in one place.<BR><BR>Rogers looks largely the same, with the front monument our class put in, but missing the prefab buildings and with a new, mysteriously lowered, athletic field. My friends still in Tulsa, say it's not the place it use to be and is now considered not the best school to go to. I think back to our days there and believe we were there at almost a perfect time, with the Vietnam war ahead, the duck-n-cover days largely over, and free love just over the horizon. We were lucky to have gone to Rogers, and at the time we did.<BR><BR>I was in Youth for Christ, and President for two years at Rogers. We met weekly in a classroom and I suspect such activities are now deemed verboten. My own religious convictions are somewhat significantly less than they were then.<BR><BR>I read with interest the biographies posted here so far, and it appears people have lived interesting and varied lives, with some facing and overcoming significant challenges. We are reminded we had the famous Susie Hinton right in our midst, and didn't even know it! <BR><BR>I also wondered what happened to the interesting Boaz R., who was in Frau Globe's German class with me, and am glad he posted his bio here. Frau Globe with her numbered tattoo, and only 20 years from the end of the war. It was many years before I really understood the gravity of what that meant.<BR><BR>I notice in Classmates that few, if any, teachers register. I guess most of us took their classes, walked out the door, and never went back to thank them. And to them we were just another baby boomer class to move through the system.<BR><BR>I have had a good life. Went to OSU, met a wonderful girl, Marilyn (Memorial HS), been married since 1969. Worked as an accountant and manager for Mobil in six places around the country. Left gainful employment at age 50 and now live in Arizona. No children.<BR><BR>I won't be coming to the reunion, but wish you all the best from forty years later. Drop me an email if you wish to say howdy, or if I owe you an apology for something I did forty years ago.<BR><BR>Pat Murphy<BR> (Good until Google or I expire, whichever comes first.)
  Re: Pat Murphy - Musings and Bio (Iris Warlick Stu)
Posted: 1:40:54 pm on 9/11/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><P>I want you all to know how helpfull Pat has been to us...even at a distance!</P> <P>He has helped us in scanning things to place (hopefully) on the website..and I wish he would change his mind and come to the reunion!  Thanks Pat, as ever, Iris.</P></font>
  Re: Pat Murphy - Musings and Bio (PatrickMurphy)
Posted: 1:05:34 am on 9/26/2006 Modified: Never
Thank Iris, glad to help. After toking those yearbooks around for 40 years I decided to scan the pictures for when I decided to not toke them!<BR><BR>Here are the full senior pages from the 1966 yearbook:<BR><BR>Pat

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