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  time flies (Scott Brassfield)
Posted: 5:56:44 pm on 8/23/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>In High School, I was known as a science student, as opposed to the greaser, soch, or jock groups we all see in SE Hinton movies, and got a BS in chemistry thereafter.  Until October of Sr. year, I was set on chem grad school after college--but--remember those drawings of ping pong balls containing birthdays that set your draft priority?  </P> <P>In retrospect, I think that draft was for the first "war of choice" and was followed by quite a few big & little military operations that were, probably, optional like the Panama Invasion, Lebanese peace keeping force, Operation Eagle Claw in Iran, etc. up to our current Iraq War.  And they've all gone great, just like the Administration says, US soldiers welcomed as liberators, insurgents and enemies soon "in their final throes", democracy, prosperity, and peace  triumphant, and "missions accomplished", so geopolitically speaking, I don't question they were all just super!   I just wasn't a war hero like our current leaders.  </P> <P>I was your basic coward given the scenario of guns competently aimed in my direction, and I recall sitting in the student union drinking beer and watching those ping pong balls bounce around in that spinning chicken wire hopper and belatedly, given that I would graduate in 8 months, finally facing the dilemma of how to choose "no" on 'Nam.  I came up with very few options.  I was too healthy to flunk the physical but, I figured,  I did stand  an excellent chance of flunking the mental exam, however, given the inaccuracy of psychological testing, I was concerned about the chance, albeit relatively small in my case, I might accidentally test "normal".  Or, at least, if not completely "normal", as our physics teacher Mr. Matthews would have said, "good enough for GoverMint purposes".  Since I wasn't eligible for Air National Guard Reserves, I was left with only two dependable outs:  preaching or medicine.  I flipped a coin & became a doctor which is the main reason I'm not currently preacher of some 20,000 member Houston church, rich, widely published, and getting kicked off first class flights to Aspen.</P> <P>So, having never even known any doctors or experienced any desire to be one, I was completely clueless for quite a while as to why I was in medical school.  My school was very specialty oriented and, listening to some of the most brilliant docs on the planet always diametrically opposed on what to do for any given patient, I drifted bored from possible specialty to possible specialty until I went to Indian country, Tuolumne, CA, & decided the besotted, country  GP's out there were having all the fun.</P> <P>For many years I enjoyed being the "compleat physician" in Hoopa, CA, Jackson, WY, & Craig, CO.  When that got old & I started longing for the days when I used to sleep nights, I moved to Colorado Springs, CO.  It's a lot duller & easier practicing medicine here so, just for kicks, I started investing in tiny startup companies, usually medical or semiconductor.  It wasn't to get rich.  These are all extremely "not insured by the FDIC and may lose value" propositions.  It's just the adrenalin rush of the big deltas with about an equal number of positive and negative deltas in my case.  Some years I get rich and poor about as many times as most people have fingers!</P> <P>So, come reunions, I could be the guy flying in on the  G3 with Rolexes & emerald rings and, since  Baker's been vigorously encouraging me to try nipple rings,  with luck, maybe,  diamond nipple rings!  Or, more likely, I could be the guy holding the card board sign that reads "will mow lawns for venture capital".  In the latter case, classmates, show some compassion!  Please, direct me to the nearest Salvation Army preferably by the route most remote from Tulsa's investment banks & brokerage houses.</P> <P>And, more or less like everyone else,  there's been a couple kids, a couple wives, a couple stepkids.  So, despite Bacher's incessant harassment to "get off your ass & post something", as you can plainly see by now, there's precious little of any conceivable interest whatsoever for me to write about.  For about four decades, I've been mainly just hangin' out waitin' for our 40'th to get here!</P></FONT></font>

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