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  Ken Kilgore coming home (Ken Kilgore)
Posted: 4:54:10 pm on 8/28/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>Forty years have come and gone, three wifes, a lot of water miles overseas with 20 years in the US Navy, 7 deployments on the USS John F Kennedy chasing planes around the flight deck, dodging jet blasts and jet intakes, 4 wonderful kids, no grandchildren. So where do you begin. You begin on June 20, 1947 in Tulsa, then 8 years of moving around before you land back "home" in the house you were born, then 4 years at Lanier Elementary, then 3 years of walking  to/from Woodrow Wilson Jr High everday, then doing the same to Roper Land until Rudi got his Studebaker.</P> <P>As I look back now at three wonderful years at WRHS trying to make Mr Hinkle in English happy for one, running Cross Country and Track with Rudi, David Sch, and the others, working part time at the Sam's Grocery Store then a Drug Store up on 11th street, dodging the bushes in front of the school, remembering the day and portable I was in when Kennedy was shot, amazing how I ended up doing my Navy cruises on the ship named for him, walking past McD to go to the KFC "Hardens" for biscuits and gravy for lunch, being active in Boston Ave Meth Church and the Band "The New Christians" I helped form and played drums and keyboard until I entered the Navy in Sept 1968, number 12 on the draft that time, then my new life to the East Coast began.</P> <P>Entered the Navy in Sept 1968, retired from the Navy Sept 1988, as a AVCM (AW), which really means an Electronics guy that did not get caught and made it to the highest enlisted rank before going officer. Lots of good experiences.  Spend 10 years getting my BS in Management from the University of New York, never stepped foot on the campus, but did a lot of other places taking classes here and there. I actually have 212 college credit hours in my file, but only stayed at the Bachelor level so my money could be spent by my kids getting their education.  That is another whole story in it self. My oldest is on the 10 year plan, he is 28 now working as a High School Band music and drill writer, actually was in Tulsa last year working with a couple of schools there, next is my"drummer" son with his BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, works with a Plastics Engineering firm in DC/Northern Virginia. Our Daugher, 19, also a band type (we where High School Band Parents for 16 years)  which we just took back to college at Longwood University in Farmville, VA, where in the He-- is Farmville, the middle of VA. she is studing Public History and Antropology, wants to deal with history at Colonial Williamsburg or a Civil War Battlefield, then there is the 16 year old son, who is smarter than us all in the family, runs Cross Country and Track, faster than I ever was and runs longer distances than we did back in the 60's.   My wife of 25+ years, the third time was the clarm or she is the only one that would put up with me.</P> <P>I am on my 18th year with ITT Technical Institute here in Norfolk VA. Started as an Master Electronics Instructor then moved to Director of Career Services which means I help our Students and Graduates get employment and now that ITT has opened a campus in Tulsa, how neat it would be to come home and retire.  After reading lots of other bio's it is hard to shorten 40 years down.  </P> <P>The Reunion list of those that have provided their info, I do remember most of you.  Me, I was very thin at the time, weight of 98 pounds when I joined the Navy.  Lot of hard miles and good food now.</P> <P>I look forward to seeing you all in October.  Since my "Roper" Class of 1978, brother still lives there  I will be staying with them but plan to be at every event including Lunch in the school, which is something I think I only did 10 times in three years.</P> <P>My email is <A href=""></A>. </P> <P>My hair is no longer blonde, but my kids think I act like one sometimes.</P> <P> </P> <P>Ken Kilgore - Class of 1966</P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P></FONT></font>

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