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  WOW (Terry R. Tucker)
Posted: 1:02:28 am on 9/6/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>WOW 40 years in this little box. I can do that.</P> <P>1963 - 1966</P> <P>Locking Ms. Hubbard on the roof of  English class in The Tower, Boots and Penningtons drive ins, drag racing my 56 Chevy, the three the's; oval, bush, and smoke hole. Putting a tooth pick in the door lock of the first class after lunch, round robin, cruising Brookside, baby 8oz Coors in the Gulf Mart parking lot, (a special thanks to Mary Fox who was our beer provider), sneaking into the Admiral Twin on the exit side. That about sums up these three years. I really don't remember too much about my classes. I probably did some other things, just cannot remember.</P> <P>1966-present</P> <P>NEO-Miami, Spartans School of Aeronautics, USAF, Flight Engineer, Vietnam, Thailand, OK Air National Guard, College of the Air Force, retirement #1,  Rogers State College, American Airlines, retirement #2, started small service company in Tulsa, KAT Enterprises, now trying to retire from that business.</P> <P>Fourth wife-June for 18 years. All you three wife people are just showing off. Three kids, three grand children, one great. All healthy and growing.</P> <P>Fun stuff.</P> <P>We love to travel, spend most weekends at lake house on Lake Hudson, still build 55-56-57 Chevys. I volunteer for the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) as a Flight Engineer on a WWII B-17 bomber touring the states from April thru November. Will be in Tulsa Nov. 3, 4, and 5th at Riverside Airport. Come on out and see me.</P> <P>Anyone needing more details please submit request via email or you can buy me a drink at the reunion and get more info than you probably want.</P> <P>Terry R. Tucker </P> <P><A href=""></A>   918-695-2091</P> <P> </P></FONT></FONT></font>
  Re: WOW (Mike Griffith)
Posted: 4:14:29 pm on 9/8/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>I'll buy the drinks! I still have my 57 Chevy and just finished it's 4th and last re-build.</P> <P> </P> <P>See you at reunion.</P> <P> </P> <P>Griff</P></FONT></font>

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