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  Dennis J. Wilson (Jock, Greaser, Sosh?)
Posted: 2:11:04 pm on 9/6/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P><FONT face=undefined color=#00ef0e>I think I was all 3!  After Rogers I went to JBU on a swimming scholarship for 3 semesters (Had a lot of fun!), then to TU where I got my BS.Ed in 71.  Married Connie Johnson(WR Class of 69) for a couple of years, and worked as a director of a Computer Programming school, warehouse foreman, pipeline const., and off and on at my dads body shop.  I really spent my 20s saving up $ and traveling mostly to Mexico & Central Amerika, but also to the Carribean and Europe. I married Pam Sellman (Francies little sister) in 77, divorceing in 99.  We have 2 sons, David and Daniel, 26&28.  Daniel has a doctorite from Carnige Mellon in Robotics, and is on his 3rd book.  His 1st book, "Robot Uprising" is coming out next year as a movie with Paramount, starring Mike Myers (Austin Powers).  He also writes a monthly article for Popular Mechanics.  He lives in Portland with his g-friend Anna, a child psychologist.  David is an airline pilot for American Express, lives in Okla. City with his wife Mindy.  He's already captain!  I took over my dads business in 77 & still own and operate Howards Body Shop on N. Peoria.  There's something to be said for being your own boss!  I helped found the Tulsa Masters Swim Club in 79, and have swam competivly ever since. We just had our 26th annual meet at McClure last month where I was the meet director.  I'm also on the board of the Senior Olympics.  I'll be representing Okla. at the Aquatiics convention in Detroit this month.  I still travel alot with my g-friend Penni Sutherland.  Belize, Guatemala... we've been to Europe twice this year where I swam in masters meets in Germany&Austria.  We just camped and hiked in the Rocky Mountain National Park over Labor Day doing  8 mi. and 9 mi. hikes straight up and down.  I still swim 2-4 times a week and I feel great!  I'll be glad to buy you a drink at the reunion Terry! my e-mail is <A href=""></A></FONT></P></FONT></font>
  Re: Dennis J. Wilson (Iris Warlick Stu)
Posted: 8:14:11 pm on 9/7/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2> <P>Dear Classmates:  If you do not know Dennis, then you should get to know him!</P> <P>Dennis has stepped up for our class reunion, helping in more ways than you can know.   I swear he knows everyone in Tulsa, and is a huge figure in the competitive swim world in the Tulsa area, helping everyone.  Working on reunion has been hard...but the Blessing is in getting to know people like Dennis.<BR>as ever,  Iris.         (oh, yes, and does a good job at a good price on your car!)</P></FONT></font>
  Re: Dennis J. Wilson (Scott John Baker)
Posted: 10:16:19 am on 9/21/2006 Modified: Never
It's great to know that somebody else's Dad owned a Body Shop.<BR>I used to work at Baker Body Shop, 809 1/2 East Eighth, for my Father in the summers, and whenever the time would allow. The property was owned by an outrageous Penticostal Evangelist named Sister Flo Fowler! She had been a performer in The Ice Follies! Her colorful, old-school entourage of weirdos, winos and wackos, just one door outside my Daddy's business, once led Scott Brassfield to remark, "Your Father's whole world is like something out of Charles Dickens!" Tommy Zongker and several others wanted to make pilgramages to the place! Knowing my Father, I respectfully declined the offer. I would go on to create Freak Shows of my own. My Father, as Kenneth Elmore, Tony Bacher's step-dad will attest, was a brilliant craftsman. However, I wasn't particularly adept at this art form. I remember Blaine Smith, Our Counsellor during our Sop****re year, asking my Mother, "Well! Your Husband owns a paint and body shop! Lots of money there! Any chance of your son taking over the business?" Her shock and laughter were overwhelming!!!!!!!!! She knew us both too well!<BR><BR>Pounding out the fenders of my own life, I hope to see you in October!<BR><BR>Da Bakerman

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