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  Doug & Nita Folger (Doug & Nita)
Posted: 9:52:21 pm on 9/13/2006 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face=Verdana color=black size=2>Doug and Nita Folger have spent the last ten years getting their kids out of high school, into college, graduated from college, and two of them married. We still live in Edmond, and are grandparents to Mack and Mitch, whom we adore. Doug is still with the College of Medicine as Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Associate Professor of Medicine, and Chief Medical Officer of OU Physicians. Needless to say, he doesn't have a lot of free time. Whenever possible though, he loves to play golf at River Oaks, fly fish or snow ski in Colorado, read good non-fiction, and follow OU athletics. He is hoping to retire in four years---yea!!! Nita retired from teaching in 1996, and began a second career the following year as a standardized patient for first and second year medical students. She teaches them how to do an "empathic" medical interview. As this is just a part-time job, she has time to drive Mobile Meals, belong to a small group Bible study, and take care of Mack and Mitch on Thursdays. Our oldest son, Grant, is the  controller for a group of three small OKC-based oil companies; Mark is an attorney in OKC; and Bonnie is a senior at OU, majoring in elementary education. Our email is:  <A href=""></A>. We are looking forward to seeing you all so much on Friday evening the 20th.</FONT></font>

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