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  Mrs. Lugeanbeal's Gall Bladder (ScottJohn Baker)
Posted: 7:41:32 am on 9/27/2006 Modified: 1:55:30 pm on 6/10/2011
I'll never forget the afternoon Mme. Otto announced, "Some of you may know Mrs. Lugeanbeal, who works in the Office. Well, Mrs. Lugeanbeal just had her gall bladder removed." Scott Linder, sitting next to me, muttered, "Yeah. And Mrs. Gall Bladder just had her Lugeanbeal removed." --- Every time I hear of someone having their gall bladder removed, I remember "Marie Lugeanbeal, Assistant Registrar," and wonder "Yeah? But what about your 'Lugeanbeal?'" --- Maybe the beautiful Carol Gamble, a devout Morman, could have gotten hold of Mrs. Lugeanbeal and turned her into a "Bladder Day Saint!" Speaking of Carol, I'll never forget the day, as I told Iris recently, that Ms. Gamble turned to me in Mr. Hinkle's class and inquired, "John! Do you date?" --- Taken back more than just a bit I replied, "Hunh? Hah!? WHAAAT?!" --- In a loud whisper, she came back, "Do you date?" --- "What?" --- "Do you DATE?" --- "No. I just AGE." --- Soon, we'll see how much. After all, much of my "love life" has been rather documented. --- Da Bakerman

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