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  Mr. Gordon Morgan's Science Class (Jeanne Lewis)
Posted: 5:02:08 pm on 10/5/2006 Modified: 1:43:38 pm on 6/10/2011
I was so excited to be Mr. Morgan's class assistant my junior year. I did little odd jobs about the classroom while he taught. One day I was trying to clean his great big acquarium while he lectured, and the thing broke. Gallons of water, a gazillion fish, thousands of ugly little urchins, and a ton of rocks spilled madly over the back of the classroom while the kids loudly squealed, screamed, and shouted as they scrambled to catch and save the flopping and flapping fishies and put them inside cups, jars, beekers, or whatever else was available. Mr. Morgan tried for a few seconds to look suitably appalled and disgusted before he laughed harder than anyone in the class.
  Re: Mr. Gordon Morgan's Science Class (Ken Kilgore)
Posted: 11:54:25 am on 10/6/2006 Modified: 1:45:40 pm on 6/10/2011
I too was one of his assistants, but mine was in my senior year. --- I have spend the 40 years working in and around electronics in one form or fashion, Electronics Tech in the Navy for 20 years, the rest of the time teaching or working with students at ITT Tech in the field of electronics. It wasnt until I read Jeanne Lewis' Junior Year Fish Tank story that I realized I spend most of my time as his assistant playing with the electronics/phyics resistance banks and power supplies in the back room. Now I finally know where I got the notion to deal with electronics. Thanks Mr Morgan. --- Ken Kilgore

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