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  THANKS for the Memories! (Nancy Kenton Setter)
Posted: 11:12:25 am on 10/22/2006 Modified: 2:46:16 pm on 6/10/2011
To Bev, Iris, Kathy, and all of you who worked so hard to make this a WONDERFUL reunion! You provided the perfect settings to catch up with people we have known since the Jurassic, and to see how darned Good Looking everyone still is! --- It was great to see so many people who travelled to be here; and I wonder why those of us who live in Tulsa wait for a reunion to see one another. --- Lots of hugs to all of you wonderful Ropers, and special ones to the three of you who Actually Remember Me!!! --- Thanks for the memories - the old ones, and the new.
  Re: THANKS for the Memories! (reserve)
Posted: 7:42:23 pm on 10/23/2006 Modified: 2:47:28 pm on 6/10/2011
Nancy, -- I was so looking forward to visiting with you! My son was put in the hospital, I had consultants here at school, and my boss was gone, so I wound up not being able to get away. -- The only good news - I got my test results back, and I passed my principal's test - unofficial. -- Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I promise to call you when I am in Tulsa. -- I have to get back to work, so I'll be in touch later. --- Margaret
  Re: THANKS for the Memories! (charhall)
Posted: 1:52:12 pm on 10/24/2006 Modified: 2:48:10 pm on 6/10/2011
hey you guys....i am so sorry i found out so late for the reunion this past wk-end...however it is my own fault for not staying in touch with such great classmates and i could have gotten to know even better as time goes and went by. i will say that all i have done since friday night is read the wrhs website and remember memories of high school those great football games mostly at skelly stadium and driving to boots or if i had gas money pennington's which was miles from my house i am so sad for not staying in touch and i wish i could turn back the hands of time.....when it comes to being at the class of 66 reunions.... from charlene hall

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